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Revillagegedo Island

Ketchikan and the Behm Canal

Ketchikan with Deer Mountain in the distance.

Ketchikan is the mandatory first stop in Southeast Alaska as it is the U.S. Customs port and clearance is required. Picturesque Ketchikan is the second largest town in Southeast Alaska (after Juneau) with a 2010 population of 8,010. During the summer, there are often as many as five cruise ships docked at its wharves or anchored in the Narrows. Ketchikan has full services including a modern hospital. From Ketchikan, the course north continues past Myers Chuck (a small hamlet with several resident artists) and on to Wrangell or Petersburg (see the "Wrangell & Mitkoff Islands" chart), Alternatively, it continues southwest around Cape Chacon, the southern tip of Prince of Whales Island, and then north to Craig (see "Prince of Wales Island" chart).

The epic diversion is the course around the Behm Canal.  It is the waterway that circumscribes Revillagegedo Island and offers spectacular sites along the eastern portion.  There you will be in Misty Fjords National Monument where you will discover breathtaking Smeaton Bay, Rudyerd Bay and Walker Cove. Brown and black bears, killer whales, porpoises, even mountain goats are all vislble from the boat. Crab, shrimp and halibut are the catches of the day, and salmon when they are running.

A typical Misty Fjords beach

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