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Operational Support and Available Dock

Boat Management

Sea Lion uses Pacific Yacht Management ("PYM"), headquartered at Salmon Bay Marine Center in Seattle, for all operational support of Sea Lion.  Indeed, from the day this boat (then "Thunder") was purchased in October, 2010, and her name changed to "Sea Lion", PYM has managed not only the operational support of the boat, but also her 10-Month, $2+ million refit.  


Jeff Sanson, President of PYM, knows every nook and cranny, every system, every piece of equipment on Sea Lion.  He should.  He put nearly every one of them in place duriing the re-fit which was performed at his dock at SBMC. PYM has extensive contacts and yacht service and support relationships, particularlly up and down the Pacific Coast of North America, and notably up and down the Inside Passage. 


Sea Lion's experience of PYM is that the only thing more impeccable than their skills and their standards is their integrity;  and their resourcefulness is pretty remarkable, too.


Yachts are mechanical and electrical labyrinths, and the bigger the boat, the more complex. Things break.  Things get out of adjustment.


Those realities notwithstanding, Sea Lion's captain's standing order to PYM is:  "When I push a button or turn a switch, I expect the system or equpment it controls to activate and work."  PYM, through its scheduled maintenance, frequent inspections, and profound sense of the boat, does a wonderful job of making that so. 


When something does need fixing, PYM knows that downtime is not what the owner is paying for.  Whether it's a damaged rudder in a remote bay in Southeast Alaska, or a clogged head in Downeast Maine or an oil change at their own dock, PYM has the knowledge of the boat and the local support resources to get the work done immediately -- invariably in less than 24 hours of notification. 


In essence, with  PYM on the job, you can run Sea Lion without any thought to the work of maintaining her.  


You don't even have to think about cleaning her. PYM takes care of the washing and waxing and provides a wonderful, full-time cook/stewardess to provide great food, a spotless interior, and she even does your laundry.  Life is good, thanks to PYM. 

Home Port

Sea Lion's registered home port -- she's a documented, U.S-flagged vessel -- is Seattle.  Where she lives in Seattle is Salmon Bay Marine Center ("SBMC"), arguably the finest super-yacht moorage on the West Coast, with few equals on the East Coast. 


Fresh Water Moorage.  SBMC is located on the Ballard Ship Canal, just upstream from the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks.  These locks (see photograph below) raise passing vessels from the salt water of the Puget Sound  to the fresh water of the Lake Washington/Lake Union drainage. Fresh water minimizes fouling. 


Ease of Access to the Boat. Vehicle access is to within 50 yards of the slips. If that's too far, electric carts are provided. 


Wide, Heavy-Duty, Concrete Docks.  The docks are designed for boats up to 75 meters. They are wide, stable and uncluttered.  Typically, there are no more than two boats on any dock, side-tied.  The Ship Canal affords plenty of maneuvering room to come in bow or stern-first.  


Meticulously Maintained.  SBMC is managed by its owner and its impeccable upkeep reflects its modern design and construction.

Sea Lion entering the Chittenden Locks from upstream (just after leaving her dock at  Salmon Bay Marine Center). View is of the "Large Lock" which can accommodate vessels as large as 75 feet in beam and 800 feet in length.  Beyond the Locks can be seen the elevated section of a railroad draw bridge.  Beyong that is the Puget Sound.

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