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A 90-Foot Boat in a 70-Foot Hull


Sea Lion is a unique yacht. Her deep-draft, full keel hull gives her as much living space, machinery space and storage in a 70-foot hull as is found in most 90-foot yachts.  


She is a Delta 70, one of only five built. Sea Lion and her four sister-ships were built on 70-foot fish boat hulls. There are many "trawler" yachts.  Only a few, including the Delta 70, were built on true, full-keel, fishing trawler hulls.  That is what makes them unique as yachts.


The Delta 70 was the first yacht that Seattle-based Delta Marine built after building over 800 commercial fishing boats for the Alaska fishery.  ​After building five 70s, for profitability reasons Delta moved up to a 105-foot hull for its sixth yacht. Today they are building yachts up to 240 feet.

Delta does not build many fish boats anymore, but the fishboat heritage of the Delta 70 makes it an icon for serious yachtsmen. Delta's fish boats are prized to this day among fishermen who ply Alaskan waters. "It's a Delta" has, for nearly two generations, said it all in conversations about boat quallity among commercial fisherman.  Delta's reputation for quallity continues. Today Delta is arguably the finest U.S. yacht builder. 


With her rugged, seaworthy, high-cube hull, her 4,000 mile range, and the unusally high water-making and storage capacities and ample electrical power generating and storage capacities that were added in her 2011 $2.5 million re-fit, While Sea Lion has trans-oceanic endurance, she is magnificently suited for British Columbian and Alaskan waters, the waters for which she was specifically designed.


Sea Lion is a fully-found, superbly equipped, elegantly appointed, any-ocean capable expedition trawler.  She was expressly refit to be an ideal family-and-friends boat for those with some appetite for adventure and an appreciation for luxury and comfort.

Sea Lion in solitude, Southeast Alaska. 

M/V Sea Lion's relatives.  Sea lion rookery in the Inian Islands, Icy Strait, S.E. Alaska. 

Visitors at the swim platform.

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