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Arguably, Delta 70s have more cubic volume than any other 70-foot yacht afloat.  Delta 70s were built on a hull designed for seiners and crabbers which are deep draft, full-keel boats.  They have large  spaces below their working deck for live-fish storage tanks and freezers for processed fish.  


In Sea Lion, all of that space is given to three very large compartments in the lazarette, each with its own hatch.  There is also a separate freezer hold with its own hatch. 


The hatches on these spaces are large (3 feet by 3 1/2 feet) and very heavy.  Therefore three of them -- the freezer hold hatch and the port and starboard lazarette compartment hatches -- have been fiitted with hydraulic rams so they can be opened and closed at the flip of a toggle switch with no potential for back strain.

Freezer Hold

The freezer hold extends the full width of the boat and is the most frequently accessed hold below the aft deck.  It contains a large, electric freezer and the two FCI 1,800 gallon-per-day watermakers, as well as the hydraulic power pack for the deck crane, the lube oil tank, the halon fire suppressant tank, and the access door to the exhaust cabinet. It has stand-up head room and additional free storage.

Hatch into freezer hold.  Note ladder down into hold.  This hatch is just forward of the aft deck dining table and just aft of the main  salon entry (note corner of blue doormat).

Starboard side of freezer hold.  Ladder up to aft deck is just past auxiliary air compressor.  The two FCI watermakers are stacked against the starboard side bulkhead and their filters are on the aft bulkhead of the hold (behind ladder).

Commodious, Accessible Storage

Lazarette Compartments

There are three separate lazarette compartments:


  • starboard compartment

  • port compartment

  • steering compartment


The starboard compartment houses the aft Cable Master spool (white tub in upper left corner).  It also has extensive free storage as shown and more (not visible in photo) along the starboard side of the space.


The port compartment houses the Kabola diesel furnace (red housing in photo),  It also has extensive free storage as shown and more (not visible in the photo) along the port side of the space. The downriggers and trap hauler are stored in this compartment, close to their on-deck deployment brackets. 


The steering compartment houses the T-ram and the rudder stock.  It also has a deep, high-cube capacity which can accommodate all eight deck chairs, or bicycles, or suitcases brought aboard by guests unfamiliar with the "soft" luggage protocol aboard yachts, or just about any cumbersome item(s). The steering compartment is the only one not fitted with a hydraulic ram.  It must be opened and closed manually, and the dining table supports are permanently fixed to

this hatch. 

Starboard Lazarette Compartment.  This hatch is in the aft starboard corner of the Aft Deck.  

Port Lazarette Compartment  This hatch is in the aft port corner of the Aft Deck. 

Steering Compartment.  This hatch is under the dining table.  

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