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'Sea Lion'

Delta's true trawler yacht...

The Delta 70 Sea Lion at the dock in Northeast Harbor, Maine
One of the iconic Delta 70s:  full keel, 120 tons, 10-foot draft, 20-foot beam, 8-foot rudder, thrusters....
The Delta 70 Sea Lion securing lines for the night

Northeast Harbor, Mt. Desert Island, Maine.

...any-ocean capable

The Delta 70 Sea Lion anchored in Rudyerd Inlet

Sea Lion anchored in remote Kynoch Inlet in British Columbia.

She was built as a yacht on a Delta Marine fishboat hull that was designed for the extreme reaches of the Alaska commercial fishery. She's the perfect ship for the Inside Passage with its 1,000 miles of waterway from Tacoma to Skagway and 40,000 miles of inter-island coastline among the lush rain forests of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska.  But with her robust dual-chiller air conditioning system, 3,800 gpd watermakers, dual 4,000 watt inverters and 2,400 amp-hour house battery bank, she is equally at home in the tropics: Baja, enroute to Tahiti or island hopping in the Leewards.

Built for the high latitudes, at home on the Equator

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